Our Mission

One of our main objectives is to provide technical and financial support to socially and economically excluded communities, so as to help people improve their living conditions, their relationship with their families through changes in habits and behaviour, helping them to have access to the work market to become in this way active members of society. Most of our projects are aimed at improving families' standards of living, working mainly with women and children through especially designed training courses, information about eating habits and nutrition, prevention of contagious diseases and the extension of a medical center.

Building a Sacerdotal Residence, a School Dining Room, Building a Church to the Holy Face of Jesus on route 88, Building schools, Teaching arts and crafts, Training workshops, etc.

FULFILLED PROJECTS: 36.000 Illustrated Cards of the Virgin of Tenderness with Prayer and 4.000 Diptychs of Illustrated Cards of the Virgin of Tenderness donated to MARANA-THA (NGO), Mission of Mercy, 762 41 St, Santa Teresita and 150 triptychs for Houses of Prayer, and complete Iconastasis like pictures of 0,58 cm x 0,46 for Las Toninas Parrish, on route 11, belonging to the Fundación Betel La Inmaculada Presbyter Elías Cavero Dominguez.

PROJECTS: Printing 150,000 booklets of THE DEVOTION OF THE HOLY FACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, which is worshiped in Turin's Cathedral, Italy dictated by the Lord to Saint Brigid.
Printing 150,000 complete images of THE DIVINE MERCY of "Jesus, I Trust You".
Printing 150,000 Rosaries of the Pain and Tears of the Virgin Mary dictated to Saint Brigid.
Raising funds to buy a parcel to build the Sacerdotal Residence according to the Preliminary Plans.
Raising funds to buy a parcel to build a Roman Catholic Apostolic Church as designed in the Preliminary Plans.

All our projects are supervised by official or private organizations or institutions with whom we sign cooperation agreements.


Diocese of Mar del Plata, in charge of Rev. Mons. Juan Alberto Puíggari (ref. letter)
Grupo Abasto Central Mar del Plata
Hospital Materno Infantil de Mar del Plata
Fundación Betel LA INMACULADA
MARANA-THA (ONG) Obra de Misericordia