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Every Christian's mission is to evangelize and to use the most efficient tools of our time to achieve this objective. To accomplish this mission is also an unavoidable responsibility. Pope Paul VI in his "EVANGELI NUNTIANDI" said: When the mass media are put at the service of the Gospel, they are capable of increasing almost indefinitely the area in which the Word of God is heard; they enable the Good News to reach millions of people. The Church would feel guilty before the Lord if she did not utilize these powerful means that human skill is daily rendering more perfect. In them she finds a modern and effective version of the pulpit.
We make this message our own, because we believe and know that nowadays it is a suitable medium to evangelize.

This non-profit civil organization called: "LUZ DEL SEŅOR OBRAS DE MISERICORDIA" carries out activities with the following objectives:

A) Planning and development of projects to help and provide material, spiritual, cultural, physical and intellectual assistance to indigents and single mothers over 21 years old.

B) Development of educational activities and social welfare policies to protect childhood and old age (dining-rooms, libraries, etc.)

C) Campaigns for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and other calamities that affect human kind.

D) Any other similar activity that aims at helping the needy, clarifying hereby that these activities will be in charge of Qualified Professionals and/or Competent Staff.

E) Building of Schools, Dwellings, Churches, Parishes, Convents, Retreat Houses, Sacerdotal Residences, Religious Residences for laypersons, Educational Centre for Diocesan Seminarians and/or Religious Orders and preacher of Roman Christian Apostolic values and of Religious Orders acknowledged by the Vatican for the development of spiritual and solidarity activities that promote people's renewal and integral healing and foster the commitment to restore the social fabric of the community.

F) Offer training and updating courses with Qualified Professionals and/or Competent Staff and/or Diocesan Priests and/or Religious Orders acknowledged by the Vatican.

G) Carry out sales of books, newspapers and catholic magazines, illustrated cards (all kinds and sizes), key rings, crucifixes, chains, statues, wooden icons; print books, newspapers, magazines, prayers and novenas, items with catholic images and/or photographs with ecclesiastic approval.

H) To relate with similar national and/or international associations to achieve their objectives; to contact embassies, consulates and state and/or private municipal, provincial, national and international organizations to achieve common objectives.

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e-mail: info@obrasdemisericordia.org.ar